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Tractor M8540 DTH

Shifting between forward and reverse is seamless and smooth with our new and improved M-Series Hydraulic Shuttle. A column-mounted lever with left-hand operation makes shifting easy. When attaching implements, our improved inching feature is easy to perform, giving you the same feel as a half-clutch operation.

at a glance

  • New Hood Design
  • Headlights; now comes with halogen lights with corner lamps.
  • Re-engineered Seats; reclining, weight-adjusted seats.
  • Improved steering wheel and column design.


Take a closer look and learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.

The sleek new slanted steel hood design of the M-Series offers greater visibility for the operator both for normal operations and when using a front loader. This hood can also be easily opened to provide convenient maintenance of the engine, AC condenser, radiator and air filter.
The M-Series now comes with halogen lights with corner lamps. These lights are not only more efficient; they also provide more illumination from dusk to dawn.
Reclining, weight-adjusted seats are standard equipment on all M-Series models. These comfortable seats were specifically designed to absorb shock, significantly reducing operator fatigue. We’ve also added a convenient manual holder in the seat back. (ROPS model)

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